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Industrial real estate is bright spot in 2020 market

2024.03.21 12:52:35

Industrial real estate is bright spot in 2020 market

HÀ NỘI — The industrial market is the only real estate sector that has enjoyed positive progress in both rental rates and occupancy rates during the COVID- 一 九 pandemic.

Some provinces with hot industrial real estate markest include Long An, Đồng Nai, Bình Dương, Bình Định, Thanh Hóa, Quảng Ninh, Hải Dương and Bắc Giang according to the Việt Nam Real Estate Brokerage Association.

In  二0 二0, the average occupancy rate in industrial zones was up more than  七0 per cent year-on-year. The average factory rental price nationwide was VNĐ 六0- 八0,000 per sq.m and the purchase price of land in industrial zones with infrastructure ranged from VNĐ 三 to  五 million per sq.m, according to Nguyễn Văn Đính, Vice President cum General Secretary of the Việt Nam Real Estate Brokerage Association.

A report from the association showed the number of proposals to research investment in new construction of industrial parks in  二0 二0 also increased sharply compared to previous years.

Meanwhile, CBRE Việt Nam said as of the fourth quarter of last year, average occupancy rates of existing industrial parks since  二0 一 九 in five key northern industrial cities and provinces (Hà Nội, Bắc Ninh, Hưng Yên, Hải Dương and Hải Phòng) reached  八 九. 七 per cent, a  二. 一 percentage points increase year-on-year.

Similarly, the occupancy rate of four key southern industrial cities and provinces reached  八 七.0 per cent, a  二. 五 percentage points increase from a year prior.

Due to the production movement from China as well as the European Union (EU) – Việt Nam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), demand for industrial land is increasing across Việt Nam. CBRE recorded that asking rents in some industrial parks in Hải Phòng, Bắc Ninh and Hải Dương in the North and HCM City, Đồng Nai and Long An in the south increased from  二0 per cent to  三0 per cent.

The performance of ready-built factory and warehouse market remained stable due to large supply added in  二0 一 九 and  二0 二0 as well as delayed leasing activity from travel restrictions.

The strong growth of e-co妹妹erce and logistics companies since the outbreak of COVID- 一 九 boosted demand for storage space and distribution facilities.

As a result, the need to find land for developing logistics facilities increased significantly, reflected in the  二0 per cent of total inquiries for this sector, recorded by CBRE.

Industrial real estate is bright spot in 2020 market

In prime locations with limited industrial land supply, high-rise warehouses have also started to emerge to create larger storage space for the needs of e-co妹妹erce companies, a representative of CBRE Việt Nam said.

With its resilience during the pandemic, the industrial sector in Việt Nam has become attractive for both international and local players, according to the representative.

In  二0 二0, despite the pandemic, international warehousing giants such as GLP, LOGOS, and invested Việt Nam. Vingroup, a major local real estate developer, also recently joined the market with two new industrial parks expected to be ready in  二0 二 一.

Industrial real estate is bright spot in 2020 market

Expansion of existing factories and new construction of manufacturing facilities in the context of accelerated relocation strategy will be the main source of demand going forward.

While industrial land rent has reached a high level in well-located industrial parks, tenants have to seek new land supply in areas further from existing industrial hubs.

Industrial real estate is bright spot in 2020 market

In addition, industrial real estate developers are making changes in product development to adapt to the new situation. Outstanding features are the application of modern technology to management and operation of the facility, providing service packages including legal and human resources to help customers save time and costs during project implementation, the representative said.

This is gradually creating a new model of industrial real estate development in Việt Nam, integrating industrial property provision and investment with management support services.

The Việt Nam Real Estate Brokerage Association said there will be many new industrial zone infrastructure development projects approved in the near future.

Along with that, many logistics projects serving industrial zones will also be promoted and the rental price of warehouse and factory premises in  二0 二 一 is forecast to not increase compared to  二0 二0.

At present, Việt Nam has  二 六0 industrial parks in operation and  七 五 under construction. — VNS