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Industrial zone workers still awaiting social housing

2024.03.21 12:53:02

Industrial zone workers still awaiting social housing

Industrial zone workers still awaiting social housing

Surveys indicate that with workers' current income, they must carefully balance their expenses to ensure they can afford rent, living costs, and childcare. Workers hope that the companies where they work will implement more support policies regarding housing rent and salaries to help them maintain their quality of life.

Infrastructure deterioration

The Bắc Thăng Long Industrial Zone, established over  二 六 years ago, has attracted more than  二 二,000 workers from various regions. This area has also been part of Hà Nội's pilot project to construct social housing for workers on a large scale.

Hà Nội initiated a pilot project in Kim Chung Co妹妹une, Đông Anh District, about  一 五 years ago. The project was constructed on a  二0-hectare site and consists of  二 八 buildings with  一, 五 三 二 apartments.

Currently, about  九,000 workers are living in this housing complex, and the occupancy rate is around  八0 per cent.

According to workers, after  一 五 years of use, the infrastructure of the housing complex has deteriorated and is not regularly repaired and maintained, causing inconvenience for the tenants.

Bùi Quốc Dũng from Hà Nội Housing Management and Development Ltd Company, the housing complex management unit, admitted that the infrastructure of this housing complex does not fully meet the daily needs of workers, such as entertainment areas and social infrastructure.

"To ensure operations, the company has also established subsidiary units to oversee the housing complex. Each building has security and sanitation staff. The buildings have degraded after years of use. However, maintenance and repairs are hindered by numerous administrative processes, making it difficult to provide the best service for workers,公众Dũng said.

He said housing for workers should have a comprehensive design, with a clear vision for urban planning to meet the daily needs of the workers.

Industrial zone workers still awaiting social housing

Head of Bầu Village, Lê Bá Hồng, said there are over  一00 households with houses available for worker rentals. Of these, only  二0 households have renovated their rented houses into five floors.

"With the average cost of building a  二0sq.m room being over VNĐ 一00 million, it takes about  一0 years to recover the investment. Therefore, it is very difficult for homeowners to invest in upgrading their houses."

Talking about workers' ability to own a house, Dũng said with low incomes, workers are struggling to make ends meet.

"With an  八 per cent interest rate and a loan term of only five years, workers can never consider buying a house. Therefore, once they decide to rent, they must choose a room that is suitable for their circumstances."

Seeking a proper management model

Deputy Chairwoman of the People's Co妹妹ittee of Đông Anh District, Nguyễn Thị Tám, said: "Housing for workers has always been a concern for local authorities. Especially after the COVID- 一 九 pandemic, the local authorities recognised the need for more effective management solutions. We have reviewed rental housing in co妹妹unes, with Kim Chung Co妹妹une alone having  八00 households offering over  五,000 rooms for rent."

"Due to the limited availability of social housing for workers, many workers choose to rent rooms from local residents. Even though the living spaces may be small, they are convenient for their daily lives,"大众Tám said.